About Us

Our Mission

To promulgate inquiry-based education as the learner-centred method and make it as an official framework of educational institutions worldwide. By the effective application of inquiry-based education, the transformation of classrooms into a dynamic, exciting space that develops quality students who are engaged, open, ethical, and not afraid to find solutions using their intellect is probable.

We are Building Communities of Learners

Schools should be the epitome of freedom, not the other way around. LIBE Project’s commitment lies in changing the image of education in the eyes of the students. For that reason, it is not enough to introduce new methods of learning. People learn best when they are in a community where they are welcome to learn and speak. Like-minded people, when united, are powerful. They make great friends who will accompany them renting a bik in Amsterdam and join them in their journey to reaching the maximum potential.

Learning How to Learn Again

We can effortlessly learn every day. If that’s the case, why is it difficult for students to learn new concepts and solve problems? We can tell them the facts about van Gogh museum Amsterdam, yet they still don’t fully grasp the meaning of those facts. Is it possible that we are not tapping on the natural learning triggers? LIBE Project launched a free course about learning how to learn again. It tackles theoretical researches about learning and human brain thought processes. Learning how to learn again will help educators understand their students and get better responses from them.