Roles of Technology in Inquiry-Based Learning

Roles of Technology in Inquiry-Based Learning

Computers and papers are not the solutions to a flawed study program, yet they are great amplifiers when matched with the suitable study program. They are tools for educators to extend the reach of learning. – Libe Project

A Tool for Independent Learning

With the help of technology, students may learn independently by doing their research about the subject before a class. Technology allows students to learn at their own phase. The cost of owning gadgets nowadays is much cheaper, compared ten years ago. Parents can easily shop online using discountsand provide a tablet to their child. It is a small investment if we consider the benefits when they use the computer for studies.

Simulation and Conceptual Mapping

Useful applications can help students with understanding the concepts of math. For students taking up data management or statistic courses, they may use excel, power bi, and project management tools in practice. Students of medicine benefit from digital imaging and practical simulations. Engineers can also use technology to making better plans and designs with accurate measurement. There is no limit to what technology may do for us. We’ve been using technology when we’re driving toAmsterdam city trip, so we won’t get lost on our way.  If technology makes our life easier, let’s use technology to the betterment of education.

Allows Rethinking and Unlimited Revisions

Students can create materials to support their learning. Unlike papers, computers allow unlimited revisions when deemed necessary. When students feel that their work can still be improved, technology is a tool where they can rethink, rebuild, and recreate. Needless to mention, using technology over paper saves trees, which is good for the environment.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Distant education is gaining popularity. Technology plays a major role in this type of education as students don’t often meet in classrooms. The lectures happen online. If we’ll connect this to inquiry-based learning, technology promotes collaboration among students and facilitators. Collaboration is a strong point in inquiry-based education. With the help of technology, students can access and share files wherever they are inboat rental Amsterdam. They can review the materials anytime which is another objective of inquiry-based education.